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KayDel's Regimen
KayDel's Regimen

KayDel's Regimen


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It is my joy to share with you the EXACT regimen I use daily! I hope these lovingly formulated, all natural products support you in your skincare journey. 

Visitors to the web site and our socials often message me asking if I make other products just for myself. The answer is no! 

Years of refining my formulations have lead to a nutrient-rich, safe and effective regimine that I not only make for the Myrtle Leaf, but also use daily myself! I have no need to supplement this group of products. They work synergistically to support skin's elasticity and hydration. Use them together consistently and I know you will love the way they make your skin look and feel. 

Rosemilk Cleanser - soft and gentle SULFATE-FREE cleansing milk that is perfect for removing makeup without drying the skin.
 Super Peptide Mist Super Peptide Mist - proteins in the form of peptides, anti-inflammatory herbs, soothing and uplifting essential oils and water
Orange Stem Cell Serum - soothing aloe vera gel for inflammation and orange stem cells to promote the rebuilding my tissues needed
Restored Radiance Restored Radiance Serum - a crazy amount of vitamins and minerals, soothing aloe vera gel and unique forms of peptides that stimulate collagen production
Rejuvenating Oil Rejuvenating Oil - Powerful concentration of vitamins and minerals to fight off free radicals and feed cells 
The Butter The Butter - the Myrtle Leaf flagship product, this powerhouse moisturizer with its protein-rich rice bran oil, CoQ10 and Seabuckthorn fruit & seeds oils nourishes tissue with its delicate texture and quick absoprtion. A customer favortie!
Firming Eye Nectar Firming Eye Nectar A unique synergy of nature’s most effective peptides for diminishing under eye discoloration and collagen-activating extracts enveloped in the perfect combination of antioxidant-rich oils, including rice bran, seabuckthorn and blueberry.