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Meet Our Fragrances

For years, many of our long time customers have been asking me to sell my custom fragrances on the website. Long overdue, The Myrtle Leaf brings to you our line of custom fragrance blends! Of course, I use only the highest quality fragrance and essential oils in these exquisite blends so they linger beautifully on the skin throughout the day. I recommend using our fragrance sprays on the skin so they meld naturally with the warmth of the body. Be ready for comments like: “What are you wearing?” “Who smells so good?” “Where do I get that fragrance?” Haha…enjoy!

The Myrtle Leaf – 15+ Years

We have been very busy here at The Myrtle Leaf creating exciting improvements to our exceptional Skin Care Products! After nearly 15 years pouring my soul into bottles and jars for you (and me!), I felt it was time to rejuvenate the Myrtle Leaf line of products!

See the How to Choose Guide to see what new products are similar to the old line.

KayDel Shelton, Owner/Formulator

Myrtle Leaf New Line