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None of these hyped-up creams, serums, and oils are helping with my skin issues. Fighting feelings of frustration and guilt... all I wanted was results. All I got was ineffective products with ingredients that sound like a crazy science .

“It can’t just be me, can it? Someone needs to fix this!

Then it hits me… if I want products with pure ingredients that actually work, I need to fix it!”

That realization led to the creation of Myrtle Leaf, an all-natural skin care company, focused on delivering value through “knowledge and truth.” Empowering people to use their intelligence and self-awareness to find the right solutions for their needs. Seems simple right?

Wrong. So many growing pains and hard lessons learned. Failed retail experiences, trademark battles, E-commerce websites, and expensive consultants. Add in everything else that came with trying to swim upstream, in an industry based on over-promising and under-delivering. We fought hard to stay the course, fueled by customer success stories and a tenacity that became our hallmark.

25 years later we find ourselves at a crossroad. The question became, “How do we deliver ‘more’ at a time where ‘less’ has become acceptable?” The answer is to keep going at a time when most folks are looking to quit. To double down on our “no compromise” philosophy. To fix the problem once and for all. Enter the Myrtle Leaf, elevated. A heartfelt, handwrought expression of our intelligent and effective skincare solutions. Please enjoy our improved formulations with a renewed commitment to products that work.