Because You Care

The Myrtle Leaf Story

Myrtle Leaf started with a dream!

Well believe it or not…It all started in 1998 with a DREAM! Happily earning a living as a CPA making $22/hr part-time so I could take care of my 5 and 3 year old, I had a dream one night that I owned a “bath and body” type store. Having always loved and been curious about “good” skin care, this idea was intriguing to say the least! In fact, I could not stop thinking about it! That’s how I am…intense…once I get an idea, I seem to “talk” myself into making the idea a reality! You can imagine the fun my husband has with this personality trait of mine!

Our first retail experience…. a disaster!

Shortly after opening my “dream” bath and body shop in Kalispell, MT I realized the misconception of “natural skin care.” I purchased products to bottle and label with my name believing they were natural only to find out that the term is broadly used or shall I say abused. Being a stubborn “purist,” I began formulating 100% natural Facial Oils in the back room and found myself with a store full of expensive products I could no longer sell with good conscience. Yikes! My husband, Randy, was not impressed with my integrity as it cost us several thousand dollars. We closed the store, and The Myrtle Leaf was “born.”

Customer service is key!

Having grown up with parents who own their own businesses in Eastern Montana, I knew at an early age how to really “take care” of your customers. Dad was always smiling and truly loved running his business and working with the public. He believed in himself and his product moving forward with enthusiasm and confidence in growing his business to a tremendous success. Perhaps this is where I learned it is possible and in fact, necessary to love your company and your product.

A tenacious journey!

After losing a trademark battle with my first name, I spent the money to trademark The Myrtle Leaf before proceeding with a “state of the art” (at the time) e-commerce website. Remember, this was 1998. Like the song, “I was Country Before Country Was Cool,” “I Was Natural with an E-commerce Website Before it Was Cool!” That fact did not stop me though as I forged forth with marketing plans hiring consultants and making more costly mistakes. However, that integrity that cost my family so much earlier remained a stubborn characteristic that still shines through today in my formulations. Even though my marketing efforts often failed, I was continuing to study and experiment with pure botanical ingredients and their profound benefits for the health of the skin. When my customers would come to me and tell me how the products I was making were changing their skin and I could actually see a difference in their skin, I was fueled with enthusiasm to learn and create more. I love my job!

Today’s success involves you!

Understanding Skin Care is actually not as complicated as the “big” companies would have you think. I believe in the intelligence of my customers and work to educate them about ingredients and their skin even if they choose products other than The Myrtle Leaf. Today’s women are empowered with information at their fingertips but more importantly, are craving knowledge about their health and are making informed choices. This consumer fact has been good for the success of The Myrtle Leaf. In fact, you could say the “search for knowledge and truth” about skin care is how The Myrtle Leaf came into existence.

Today, I continue to make The Myrtle Leaf products in small FRESH batches incorporating the latest ingredient research and my customers’ feedback into every recipe. I am truly thankful for my work and enjoy helping my customers and myself grow older with healthy glowing skin!