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Decision Downsizing for Beautiful Skin!

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The Silk Perfection Renewing Serum is the perfect “all-in-one” facial product for soft, supple skin. With the richness of Babassu and Plum Seed Oils, this amazing nectar can be used as a stand-alone facial moisturizer with the latest in cosmeceutical ingredients for slowing the aging process. The texture is similar to On the Go Moisturizer which has been discontinued and is more nourishing and hydrating. See my Ultimate Anti-aging suggestions to keep your skin vibrant and youthful.

The Smooth and Clear Perfecting Toner is perfect for those who want the nightly refining effects of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, enzymes and powerful herbal extracts. Used after cleansing followed by the richness of the Silk Perfection Renewing Serum and the intense nutrition of the Sweet Surrender Rejuvenating Oil, this toner is all you need to help clarify the skin leaving it vibrant and glowing in the morning. This amazing toner replaces the discontinued product, Nightly Refining Serum. See my Ultimate Anti-aging suggestions to keep your skin vibrant and youthful.

The Sweet Surrender Rejuvenating Facial Oil uniquely formulated to nourish the skin by strengthening cellular walls deep in its inner layers. This golden nectar is nutritionally complete for all skin types when used with one of the Myrtle Leaf mists. Take The Time Facial Oil is no longer offered.

The Restored Radiance Firming Serum has won the hearts of my Myrtle Leaf customers. Restored Radiance Serum has botanical skin tighteners, powerful peptides and hyaluronic acid making it the perfect product for protection against premature aging. I use it in the morning before my Rich Moisture Butter for an all-day healthy glow! Because of the overwhelming popularity of this serum, I have discontinued the Act Of Kindness Serum.