Because You Care

A Message from KayDel

New Chapter…New company! 25 years later

Welcome to FIKX All Natural Skin Care

The Myrtle Leaf has been such an important part of my life for so long and I’ve been lucky enough to share my passion for the highest quality of skincare with all of you for the last 25 years. This company has changed my life but is only the beginning for what is to come in this journey to curate the best of natural skincare.

Over the past couple of decades, I have continued to research the newest and best cosmeceuticals developed by labs throughout this country. With so many wonderful new ingredients and my product ideas, it was time to completely remodel my company so that I can add these new ingredients using the perfect synergistic plan.

I am so excited to announce that I will be implementing all of what I have learned from The Myrtle Leaf and from all of you amazing customers and friends to create a BRAND NEW company called FIKX All Natural Skin Care.

All of the new products are still hand made by me in Montana, but I am excited about and inspired by my new team of marketing and design professionals that are now on this journey with me. It has allowed me to focus on the quality and research of the products and gain a fresh new perspective on the world of skincare and how best to serve you all, my lovely customers.

During the past several months, my amazing and talented team (including my daughter, Tess) and I have worked to design the ultimate skincare experience including packaging, shopping ease and, of course, formulas! After using my new products myself for several months, I am thrilled with them and so excited to share them with all of you!

Be on the lookout for more details to come about both brand new and improved products that will be introduced by my team and myself through this exciting new chapter of FIKX All Natural Skin Care. Everything you love about The Myrtle Leaf, but better.

With Gratitude,

KayDel Shelton